Scott Cramer is a Brooklyn based cinematographer and music video director. Abandoning his West Coast upbringing, Scott Cramer moved to New York City in 2007 to solidify himself as a staple in the video arts and multi-media community of Brooklyn. Being an expert in all facets of multimedia production Scott has cultivated his reel and work experience. Opting for experience over education, Cramer began his film career like most other artists—taking a camera, never letting go, and seeing the world through multiple lenses.

A nine year career started as a camera operator on a syndicated Los Angeles music television series, “Locals Only.” Traveling around the USA interviewing and filming musicians helped Scott find his calling and passion— music videos. Producing and directing music videos for acclaimed California and New York artists (Willhaven, Zach Hill, Hella, Abominable Iron Sloth, Unstoppable Death Machines, Sea of Bees, Daryl Hall, The Death Set, Japanther, Superchief, et al) has only been a small facet of Scott’s talents as a cinematographer and a director.

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Over the last three years, Scott has been recruited by Maloof Sports & Entertainment and the NBA to shoot and field-produce halftime features and promos for national broadcasts. When not filming the NBA’s tallest starts, the music industries newest buzz band, Scott has produced and shot broadcast TV content for COMCAST, CBS, A&E, Spike TV, MSNBC, ESPN, TLC, along with local market affiliates.

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Scott Cramer also takes his skills and art to a more formal level. Working on short films and features films as a Director of Photography, Scott has developed strong eyes as an auteur for composition, depth, imaging, narrative, and mise-en-scene. Whether broadcast TV, music videos, commercial, industrial, or feature films, Scott Cramer is more than a cinematographer, more than a producer, more than a videographer—he is an adaptable artist with a vision as to how to achieve a finished visual production.

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